Here Are All the Possible Ending’s to Netflix’s Bandersnatch

Everyone’s talking about Bandersnatch, at least when they’re not talking about Gillette or Donald Trump’s hamburgers. Bandersnatch is the movie-length instalment of Black Mirror, the Charlie Brooker-created show that makes everyone go, “Ooh, how portentous!” after every episode. It’s a flick with a twist, that twist being that viewers get to make decisions for the lead character that will determine what ending they get: happy, sad, or somewhere in between.

The potential endings are numerous: the film’s director admits that they shot a scene that the makers themselves can’t now find; but there’s no fictional multiverse so broad that the internet can’t hunt down every possibility. And so it’s come to pass: Reddit got on the case, and its army of free-time-having gumshoes made a flowchart to illustrate all the possible permutations.

netflix's bandersnatch flow chart imgur

Of course, given the director’s admission, there’s a good chance they haven’t quite caught everything, but it’s still an impressive effort, and very useful for anyone obsessively rewatching the movie to see which bits they haven’t discovered yet, like when you read a Choose Your Own Adventure and make yourself follow every possible storyline to find out what might’ve happened.

Will Bandersnatch usher in a new age of interactive television? Probably not, but if it does, that would be typical of Black Mirror, wouldn’t it?