Adam Sandler’s ‘Hustle’ Film Trailer is Loaded With NBA Talent

It’s no secret that film legend Adam Sandler loves basketball. For years, The Sandman has dazzled fans with clips of him dropping dimes in Planet Fitness gyms across the country, dressed in the very same outfit that turned TJ Ford into a meme. Undersized but crafty with the rock, Sandler is one of those ‘good locker room guys‘, a scrappy defender until winded, but how does the 55-year-old go against the league’s best? In a new trailer for the upcoming Netflix film Hustle, we find out.

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Hustle trailer 1

Image: Netflix

Produced by the Happy Gilmore legend and (arguably) the GOAT LeBron James, Hustle follows Sandler’s washed-up basketball scout Stanley Beren, who in act of desperation, teams up with a disgraced baller, played by real-life NBA star Juancho Hernangómez. In a similar vein to his surprising turn in the Safdie brothers’ hit Uncut Gems, Sandler is back to his brooding best. Down-and-out, dramatic and struggling to stay afloat, Beren is the worst motivator a young star could ask for, but the pair find an odd kinship that seems to work.

The Hustle trailer doesn’t stray far from the traditional sports movie playbook, with some dramatic voiceovers and a Coach Carter-esque speech that shows off Sandler’s acting chops, but that’s not what has fans excited. Instead, it’s the proverbial buffet of talent that cameos in the first look.

Hustle trailer

Image: Netflix

Real-life stars like Anthony Edwards and Trae Young briefly show up in the trailer, grinding for their shot at the big time. It’s got the same energy as those old Nike commercials and in a sense, Hustle feels like a NBA 2K MyPlayer arc come to life, only with better acting. And for good reason. The new Netflix sports drama is co-written by Taylor Materne, the man behind 2K19 and 2K20. Chuck in Queen Latifah, some Rocky-style training montages and soundtrack by Meek Mill, and you’ve got yourself a Sunday-night special.

The new film is produced by Sandler, LeBron James, Allen Covert, Joe Roth, Zack Roth and Maverick Carter and stars The Sandman, Queen Latifah, Juancho Hernangómez, Robert Duvall and Ben Foster. Hustle will premiere on June 10 exclusively on Netflix. You can watch the first trailer above.

Hustle trailer 2

Image: Netflix


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