Kanye Officially Offered His Own Rick and Morty Episode

So it turns out Rick and Morty creators’ Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland really dig Kanye West. During a recent press event, the two went so far as to officially offer the rapper his very own episode of the hit animated comedy.

So what does this mean for Rick and Morty? Will Kanye guest star? Is he writing? Directing? Producing? Recording a remixed version of Get Schwifity? We have no idea. What we do know is Kanye loves the show too, so at this point, anything could happen.

The relationship between ‘ye’ and the series’ creators appears to date back to last May when Rick and Morty was officially renewed for 70 more episodes. Following the announcement, Kanye tweeted Rick and Morty is his favourite show and that he’s seen every episode at least five times.

Roiland replied to Kanye, expressing his desire to “hang soon.” It’s unclear whether this ever eventuated into an actual “hang,” although it was undoubtedly the start of something big.

Then Kanye shared this bizarre fan art of himself as Rick and wife Kim Kardashian as Morty.

A month later, the characters performed a special birthday tribute to Kanye.

Fast forward to last week, where we got this:

“We fucking love Kanye,” Roiland told The Blast during a WarnerMedia event. “Ye is a kindred spirit, genius, visionary…”

“We’ll give him an episode,” added Harmon. “I’m making it official. We have 70. Kanye you can have one!”

So that’s where we’re currently at — living in a world where the self-proclaimed voice of a generation could potentially hijack one of the best shows on TV. Who knows, his episode could actually be good. Kanye was hilarious that time on South Park appearing as a gay fish although he didn’t agree to being in that one.

Rick and Morty Season 4 is expected to hit Adult Swim in November 2019. In the meantime, here are the 30 Best Adult Cartoons to watch.