Replicas Trailer Sees Keanu Reeves Going Sci-Fi (Again)

Keanu Reeves may have been typecast as the go-to guy for slightly dodgy sci-fi scripts since the day he first stepped into an audition room for The Matrix all those moons ago, but goddamn he’s good at it. As one of the many actors who shows no apparent signs of ageing anytime soon, he’s still taking on action roles like a boss, and this trailer for his latest film Replicas has got us excited.

replicas near future science fiction

Replicas is a near-future science fiction film that appears to be about a brilliant scientist and inventor (played by Reeves) who, as revealed in the trailer, brings his family back to life as replicant robots or clones (it’s not entirely clear which) after they are killed in a car accident. Thomas Middleditch, of Silicon Valley and Verizon commercial fame, also appears to offer some awkward comic relief throughout, as Reeves’s sidekick in numerous lab scenes featuring holograms, people wearing goggles on tables and syringes being stuck into bodies. There’s also a robot freaking out and turning on the scientists and other people—we all know where this is going.

core story is still pretty intriguing

While the trailer may be slightly underwhelming, the core story is still pretty intriguing. If it was possible to bring someone you loved and lost back from the dead, would you do it?

Check it out

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