Kit Harrington Muses on the Final Season of Game of Thrones

Kit Harrington, of Games of Thrones fame, took a moment during a Variety cover shoot to talk about what it means to be in the final season of Game of Thrones. Harrington covers a lot of ground, discussing what he will miss the most. One of the topics included the creation of strong female characters. “I think the show always started with incredibly complex female characters,” says Harrington. Harrington lauded the show for creating fully-rounded characters.

Harrington also mused on the topic of politics. Much has been made about the show being a metaphor for our current political climate, but Harrington dismissed that idea, explaining that the show was more a story about power. “The show has always been about power and family, so you’re always going to see our world reflected in it,” says Harrington.

There’s also a lot of pressure centred on the show. With such a worldwide fan base that is very invested in the story and the characters, Harrington wants to make sure that things go right. “I think the pressure comes from have we done right by the story? Have we done right by these characters? Have we done right by the followers of the show? And we’ve done the best we’ve can and ended it how we think best.”

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