Turn Anywhere Into a Live Broadcast Studio with The Blackmagic Web Presenter

The webcam revolutionised our ability to record original broadcasts to acomputer and upload them to the internet a short time later. But now that broadcasting live online is something people can do from their phones, creators out there were desperate for a way to shoot live broadcasts at the highest quality directly to their pages for their fans, which is why Black Magic, best known for their 4k Black Magic cameras, has created the Black Magic web presenter – a device that simply allows any SDI or HDMI video source to stream in high quality online.

laptop broadcasting webcam keep

amazing device press button and live broadcast

What’s even more amazing about this device than it’s ability to stream high quality, streaming video online, is that it’s tech luddite friendly—you can more or less just plug the thing in and hit a few buttons to begin your live broadcast. As you become more comfortable with the Black Magic web presenters and all its abilities, other things can be done, like splitting to other cameras or feeds within the broadcast itself—much like a major network’s live television broadcast does. Regardless of your platform, from YouTube Live to Twitch to Periscope, the Black Magic web presenter is compatible.

Check it out

men seen the broadcast image

stand the men front of broadcast thing

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