Matthew McConoughey Reads You a Bedtime Story on Calm App

When you’re going through your bedtime routine, you’re looking for soothing rituals that will take away the stresses of the day and ease you into slumber. Few other voices can match Matthew McConaughey for his talents in helping you slip away into a different world. Now you can have the famous actor read you a bedtime story with the help of Calm App.

“Before we begin, as you settle in under the covers with your head easing into the pillow, your body sinking into the mattress, I’d like you to let your mind drift with me for just a minute,” starts McConaughey in the recording. Soft music plays in the background as his deep voice guides you to sleep. It’s perhaps his best role he’s ever played—the soothing Sandman with a calming southern drawl.

Calm is a meditation app that does more than just help you fall asleep. It also provides guided meditations, breathing exercises, and soothing soundscapes. McConaughey participates in their newest service, Sleep Stories. The service so far has collected 120 stories that you can choose from, each with a different narrator. In addition to McConaughey, you’ll find Stephen Fry and David Walliam among others.

The stories range from classic fairy tales to “music sleep stories.” There are even some recordings from Bob Ross, the late public television star. And these aren’t just stories—they actually designed using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you fall asleep faster and deeper. The service launched last year and already has over 150 million listens, 50 million downloads, and 2 million paid subscribers. You can get the Calm app on the Apple App Store or through Google Play. The Sleep Stories service is part of a paid subscription that also offers features like a time tracer for your meditation.

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