Mayday! 5 Films to Catch at the Cinema this May

The weather may have taken a turn for the worse but fortunately, cinemas are always the perfect temperature and films the comfort blanket we need on those long cold nights. And while we may be in a little cooling off period after a monster few months, there’s still a couple of heroes and villains to get us through May!

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Breath – Out Now

Directed and starring one of Australia’s biggest exports, Simon Baker, Breath is a coming of age story based on Tim Winton’s award-winning novel. The story follows Pikelet and Loonie, two inseparable best friends who, on a quest to push themselves to their limits, befriend Sambo – a retired pro surfer played by Baker.

With his new protégés in tow, Sambo is on a quest to push the two boys to the very brink physically and emotionally, whilst straining the young friends relationship to breaking point.

Shot in beautiful WA, Baker has done what few (or no-one for that matter) have done before him and made a surfing movie that is actually good, showcasing his talent for filmmaking as well as his understanding of the ocean.

When we met Baker recently we asked how much the film resonated with him having grown up around the surfing community, “A lot. And I don’t think that I am unique there, it resonates for a lot of people in this country – the way they grew up and having a relationship with the ocean and the landscape.”

Crooked House – 10th May

At this point, the only unsolved X-File case is how the hell Gillian Anderson seems to continue to get hotter! Seriously, after stints as a criminologist infatuated with a psychopathic killer in The Fall and as a psychologist infatuated with a psychopathic cannibal in Hannibal (wait I’m starting to see a disturbing pattern) she seems to have found the fountain of youth and not mentioned it to Mulder!

Anyhow, she now stars in a new British murder mystery drama alongside Glen Close (Fatal Attraction), Max Irons (Woman in Gold) and Madmen’s Christina Hendricks. Based on one of Agatha Christie’s most twisted tales, the story follows the death of a wealthy grandfather under suspicious circumstances. In a bid to keep the family’s dark secrets from the authorities, a private investigator (Irons) is hired to uncover who the killer is.

Think Downton Abbey meets Cluedo (it’s always the Vicar with the candlestick in the Library) or in this case, it might be whoever Gillian’s character is in love with.

Deadpool 2 – 16th May

After the phenomenal success of 2016’ Deadpool, Ryan Reynold’s is back as the wisecracking, immortal mercenary for good. The sequel features the arrival of Deadpool’s arch-nemesis, Cable (played by Josh Brolin), a time-travelling mercenary hell-bent on killing a young mutant, played New Zealand’s hottest property Julien Dennison, to save the future.

Trailers for the sequel have already amassed over 100,000,000 views, thanks to the grotesque violence, the forth-wall breaking, self-deprecating humour and generally, all the Ryan Reynolds goodness we can handle.

Solo: A Star Wars Story – 24th May

We love a good origin film, whether it’s Wonder Woman, Batman Begins or Superman: The Movie (you know the one that is over 40 years old starring Christopher Reeves and is still as badass today as when it came out) – there’s something special about finding out from whence our heroes came.

For Star Wars fans – Solo is the origin film they have been baying for. The story tells the young legend of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) from his relationship with Chewbacca, winning the Millennium Falcon in a card game and the events that shaped the character that we would grow to love when we meet them for the first time in A New Hope.

While there have been rumours circulating about the ability of Alden Ehrenreich to carry the legendary character, the stellar supporting case that includes Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson and Thandie Newton, has more than enough fire power to ensure that this is just the start of the Solo origin series.

Gringo – 31st May

Starring Joel Edgerton (Red Sparrow, Warrior), Charlize Theron (Mad Max: Fury Road, Monster) and David Oyelowo (A Wrinkle in Time, Selma), Gringo tells the story of a medical marijuana company that gets tied up with the Mexican drug cartels with highly amusing consequences.

The story follows a hapless, cash-strapped employee, Harold Soyinka (David Oyelowo), who is sent to Mexico to deliver a revolutionary new cannabis pill to an r&d lab when his adventure across the border goes awry. Harold is kidnapped by a drug cartel screwed over by his company and ransomed. Hilarity abounds as most of Mexico and a company hired mercenary (Sharlto Copley) all search for the Gringo.

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