Movi Cinema Robot Eliminates Shaky Cam

Shaky cam may have worked for Jason Bourne, but not for the videos you make. The Movi Cinema Robot puts a Hollywood crew in your hands. And who better to do that than Freefly?

You may not recognize Freefly, but you’d recognize the films their products have been used to produce. Their drones and booms have been used on many major projects, like Game of Thrones and Le Tour de France. Freefly’s Movi line is an offering of different gimbals that allow for smooth movement of a camera. Their new Cinema Robot gives you that technology without the expensive equipment.

The Movi has five different settings. Majestic allows you direct control over the Movi while it smooths out your movements to create better footage. Echo mode gives you a programming feature that will echo a movement you created. Timelapse lets you define a movement path and duration from a stationary place. Movilapse does what Timelapse does, but with the added feature of allowing movement. Both allow you to playback at 10 times the speed. Orbit allows you to circle your subject, creating wraparound footage.

Design-wise, the Movi is super simple. It works well with different phone and case sizes. All in all, it’s not that much larger than your phone by itself.

The biggest gripe about home movies is the poor quality of the footage, especially action shots. Movi takes out that problem, providing smooth footage that allows for better looking videos.

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