‘Narcos: Mexico’ Season 2 Trailer: No One is Untouchable

“No one stays on top forever”, claims the newest trailer for the second season of Narcos: Mexico. But fans of this show seem to just keep winning. Those men sitting in Mexico City might be done with us, but we’re not done with them…

Just like the recent Instagram teaser, this snippet is short, eerie, and suspenseful. With a slowed-down version of Blondies ‘Heart of Glass’ playing to compliment the late-‘80s aesthetic, the clip shows Felix Gallardo and his group of friends, thugs, and family all sitting at a long dining table. The camera travels slowly under-table, revealing an arsenal of weapons in the hands of those he trusts; Gallardo is the only one unarmed.

Scoot McNairy’s DEA agent, Walter Breslin, is seen tuning into the meal from the comfort of his surveillance van. He narrates the video, telling the audience that “backstabbing’s hard work”, “it wears you out eventually”, and that “no one stays on top forever”.

Unlike the vague Instagram clip, we’ve now got half-an-idea about what’s in store for the “Rockefeller of marijuana”. The camera pans at the end to a sullen-faced Gallardo, as the narrator says “And no one is untouchable”; likely foreshadowing betrayal, backstabbing, and mistrust from those closest to him.

Narcos: Mexico Season 2 drops 13 February 2020 on Netflix.