Narcos Season Three Trailer Drops and it Looks Muy Bueno

If there’s one show that’s worth forking out the nominal cost of a Netflix subscription for, it’s Narcos. Season one had us watching the rise and rise of real-life drug lord Pablo Escobar, as he murdered his way to the top of an empire of a market he’d created himself, importing copious amounts of cocaine to Miami and beyond.

While we all know what happened to Pablo eventually IRL, a series of events that are much more closely documented in season two, the last episode still manages to leave the door open to more action and misadventure featuring the shout-louder-powder, even after our anti-hero is inevitably killed.

stand the street wear sun glass

Season three picks up shortly after we left off in the early 90s, where law enforcement is frustrated by the fact that, despite Pablo Escobar’s removal from the playing field, booger sugar is still making its way across the border – in greater quantities than ever. We see that Javier Peña, a morally questionable but decent cop who charmed viewers (and just about every female character) in the first two seasons, returns, to continue his war on the newly empowered Cali Cartel, who are now responsible for getting the California cornflakes into, well, California.

Narcos returns to Netflix on September 1 – plenty of time to catch up or re-watch your favourites.

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