You’re Totally Projecting: The Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

With massive flat screen top of the line televisions as cheap as they have ever been, it seems pretty clear that the brave new world of watching content outside of a VR headset is through a high quality projector truly creating your own personal theater experience. And sure, cell phone companies are claiming their smart phones can now project in 4k quality, but that’s a misnomer—most high quality projectors with a good bulb are still just a little prohibitively expensive. And those are anchored into a living room or garage that doubles as a theater, making them unable to travel with you easily. Until now with the release of the Anker Mars Portable Cinema.

this remarkable portable projector

This remarkable portable projector can blast a 150 in HD picture in 3000 lumen quality and has the ability to project in 4k quality. There’s even an option for projecting in 3D, if that’s something that interests you. The projector can run on one charge for three hours straight without needing to be plugged in as well, meaning you could go somewhere with no power and show a whole Lord of the Rings film without having to worry about the power running out before it ends. And in regards to sound, which is always a concern with mobile projectors, the Anker Mars Portable Cinema also comes equipped with dual JBL 10 watt speakers, which will flood any room with surround sound.

Finally, something that allows you to bring a movie theatre anywhere.

Check it out

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