Netflix Announces the Release Date for ‘The Crown’

It’s a hard task to follow up on someone else’s success, but that’s what faces Olivia Colman as she succeeds Claire Foy in her role as Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s biopic “The Crown.” Netflix released a trailer showing Colman, who starred in “The Favourite” and “Broadchurch,” stepping into frame dressed as the queen. The Oscar award winning actress will be joined by Tobias Menzies who will play Prince Phillip.

The rebooted cast signals the show’s move into a new era of the royal story. The third and fourth series of the show will cover the years from 1964 to 1976. The show will reportedly focus less on Phillip and Elizabeth’s relationship and more on the disintegration of the marriage between Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. The seasons will also reveal more about the story of Charles and Camilla. Show-runner Peter Morgan explains, “People always assume Charles cheated on Diana with Camilla. It’s absolutely the wrong way round. He was deeply in love with Camilla and forced to marry Diana.” Viewers will also get to see the forging of a relationship between Elizabeth and Prime Minister Harold Wilson. There are also rumors of the show covering the Apollo 11 moon landing, the decolonization of Africa and the Carribean, and the birth of Prince Edward.

Colman is quite excited about the role, but warns that playing Elizabeth is different from her role as Queen Anne in “The Favourite.” “You can’t compare the two,” she says. “The both have the word ‘queen’ in the title but that’s it, that’s where it ends. Queen Elizabeth’s much harder to play. There are sort of no rules for Queen Anne: no one can say, ‘She doesn’t sound like that.’”

Season 3 will be released Sunday, November 17. Fans will be glad to know that there won’t be as long of a break between season 3 and season 4. In an interview after her Oscar win, Colman revealed, “We just finished season 3 a week ago, and when I go back I’ve got to do some reshoots. We start again with season 4 in August.” After season 4, there will no doubt be another cast change as the story continues into a more modern era.

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