Netflix Original: The Legend of Cocaine Island

“A Northern fairy tale starts off with, ‘Once upon a time.’ A Southern fairy tale starts out off, ‘Y’all ain’t gonna believe this.’” That’s how the trailer for Netflix’s new documentary “The Legend of Cocaine Island” starts off. Directed by Theo Love, the documentary tells the story of the small business owner and family man Rodney Hyden who happens upon a stash of cocaine buried in the Caribbean. After the Great Recession, the man had lost everything, so he hatches a plan to get the buried treasure—worth $2 million—with help of a misfit band, all of whom have no experience with drug running.

“We didn’t set out to make a documentary in the traditional sense,” explains Love. “We wanted to make a movie. A big, fat, entertaining movie. I grew up thinking documentaries had to be boring, stuffy, educational films, but then I got my Netflix subscription. Netflix changed the game for docs in every way, and we’re thrilled to add to their collection of true stories.” The film’s producer, Bryan Storkel, says, “With this film, we had one goal in mind—entertain audiences on a large scale. Netflix is the buyer we had in mind from the beginning, and partnering with them to reach over 130 million people is a dream come true.”

The Legend of Cocaine Island premieres on Netflix March 29.

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