Netflix Party Chrome Plugin Lets You Stream with Friends from Home

With social distancing putting an end to our non-essential outings, things are about to get pretty lonely. But fear not, some clever app developers may have already found a solution. Netflix Party is the new Chrome browser extension that allows you to watch your favourite Netflix shows in tandem with your friends. What’s more, the legends behind Netflix Party have made it completely free.

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The way Netflix Party works is by syncing the movie or TV show you’re watching, so it runs simultaneously across linked devices. There’s also a chat function for you to provide expert commentary and witty remarks, but if you’re really craving some attention, there’s no reason you can’t strap on a headset and phone in.

According to the website, more the 500,000 people have signed up for the extension already, and while Netflix Party is the ideal way to keep social while social distancing, it fails to solve one all-important dilemma. Namely; the 45 minutes prior to watching where you endlessly scroll in search of something new, only to settle on Narcos again.