Rick & Morty Not Renewed For Fourth Season

Okay, we got you with a catchy (albeit technically accurate) headline. But not all hope is lost.

Adult Swim (Cartoon Network’s grown-up affiliate for late night programming) has not yet renewed the popular comedy for another season, it’s been confirmed by co-creator Dan Harmon.

Despite this being done via Twitter, in response to an incensed follower’s barbed invective, the internet has exploded with cranky Rick and Morty fans the world over demanding an explanation. Thing is, there’s a difference between “not renewed” and “cancelled”.

The show is famed for taking ages to produce, with 18 month gaps in between seasons already the done thing. Add to that the fact that it’s currently at its peak, with viewers famously loyal to the program (even lining up for hours only to walk away empty-handed from McDonald’s outlets last year after the fast food chain re-released a special edition dipping sauce that was referenced in one episode. This actually happened. There were riots), and you’ve got yourself a pretty good case for renewing the program.

And lets not forget that Fox favourite Family Guy was famously axed after a successful run, only to be brought back when entertainment big-wigs realised that DVD sales were going through the roof.

Yes, it’s true that Rick & Morty has not been renewed. But just not yet.

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