Ron Burgundy’s Podcast Has Us in a Glass Case of Emotion

It’s possible that you’ve never actually had the thought, “I wish Ron Burgundy had a podcast”, and yet now that you know that Ron Burgundy DOES have a podcast, I bet you feel like you’ve been waiting your whole life for it.

Yep. The iHeartRadio network has commissioned two seasons of the Ron Burgundy Podcast, wherein the 70s and 80s’ most legendary anchorman discusses issues of burning import with a different special guest each week. The first episode, True Crime, sees Burgundy delving into matters murderous with forensic psychologist Dr Scott Musgrove, and telling the doctor of his belief that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer – which, admittedly, we knew already.

Ron Burgundy is, of course, perhaps the greatest of all the alter egos of Will Ferrell, and the podcast form seems tailormade for his particular flavour of absurdist philosophising and pontificating self-regard. The series will give us more Burgundy than we’ve ever had before, with the added bonus of listening to actual real-life experts struggling to maintain decorum in the face of Ferrell’s improv brilliance.

If you’re an Anchorman fan, you’ll drink down this podcast like water in the desert. If you’re not an Anchorman fan, I can’t even look at you right now.

Check it out