Samuel L. Jackson’s Voice Will Be an Option for Amazon Alexa Users

“Hey Alexa, what’s that famous quote from ‘Snakes on a Plane’?”

“Ayo, quit asking me stupid-ass questions on this thing. You know goddamn well what the line is, motherfucker.”

Samuel L. Jackson has inked a deal to become the first celebrity voice option for Alexa – Amazon’s cloud-based digital assistant. Starting 2020, users will be able to purchase the Jackson “voice pack” for the special introductory price of 99 cents. After that, they’ll jack the price up to five bucks. Even still, it’s a small price to pay for endless entertainment.

The feature uses Amazon’s new Neural Text-to-Speech technology, which allows it to produce phrases that weren’t pre-recorded. You can ask Sam to “give you the weather, play your favourite music, tell jokes, and more”, Amazon wrote on its website. “Samuel L Jackson can help you set a timer, serenade you with a song, tell you a funny joke. Get to know him a little better by asking about his interests and career.”

With Jackson’s proclivity for potty-mouthism, parents could feel a little uneasy about letting him yarn when the kids are around. Amazon thought of this. You can choose between the explicit Jackson add-on and a more family friendly version. Keep in mind, Jackson’s dropped the ‘m-f’ bomb 171 times in 27 movies.

If you do opt for the naughty version, here’s a wholesome and inspiring fun fact to keep in mind: Jackson’s use of ‘motherfucker” began when he realised it helped his debilitating childhood stutter.