Schadenfreude FTW: Netflix To Let Us Relive The Fyre Festival With New Documentary

Remember the Fyre Festival? Go on, of course you do. It was the once-in-a-lifetime event that promised to set a new standard for spectacular entertainment experiences. In the island paradise of the Bahamas, Fyre organisers tempted the wealthy and influential from around the world to come enjoy big-name musical acts, gourmet cuisine from celebrity chefs, and all-round luxury in high-end cabanas and yachts. The premium packages went for $25,000 a pop: the proles could get in for a mere $4000.

As it happened, of course, the Fyre Festival didn’t quite turn out as expected, with the luxury cabanas turning out to be disaster relief tents, the gourmet cuisine ham and cheese sandwiches on styrofoam, and the big-name entertainers…well, not showing up.

The best way to sum it up is: remember the Kamp Krusty episode of the Simpsons? Yeah. It was like that.

And god, we all enjoyed watching it from afar. If there was ever an example of how the rich and powerful coming a cropper can cheer us all up, this was it.

And joy of joys, we are going to get to relive that delight all over again, with Netflix announcing a new documentary on the 2017 clusterf–k. The doco, from Chris Smith, director of the compelling Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond, promises to be as fascinating as it is glee-inducing.

With Fyre founder Billy McFarland currently languishing in prison doing a six-year stretch for fraud, our schadenfreude cup runneth over. The doco drops on January 18th. Bring on the dispatches from Hell.