Seth Rogan Gets Stoned, Live-Tweets Cats Movie Review

If you’re stuck inside looking a good movie to watch, probably don’t settle for Cats. At least that’s the advice Seth Rogan is putting out there. While stuck in self-isolation yesterday, the comedian did what he does best. He got high and watched a movie. Sadly for Seth, the movie was Cats, but luckily for us, he live-tweeted the whole thing, giving us a rare glimpse into what Hollywood really thinks about the film adaption of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s celebrated musical.

Rogan’s hot takes pretty much mirror everything we’ve all silently wondered to ourselves since Cats was first released. “Some cats in pants. Some no pants” was one of his keen observations about the film, which has been labelled everything from a ‘trainwreck’ to ‘the worst thing to happen to cats since dogs’. But the inconsistencies didn’t stop there. Oh no, Rogan also poked fun at the scale, which if you’ve seen the movie, makes absolutely no sense.

While we don’t condone watching Cats to cure you of your social distancing boredom, following along to Seth Rogan’s live-tweets might provide some much-needed entertainment. Here are some of our favourites.