Simon Pegg Has Become Shockingly Ripped

Remember Run, Fatboy, Run? Maybe not, it wasn’t that memorable. But if you do, you’ll remember how it starred Simon Pegg as a man who desperately wanted to get into shape to run a marathon to win back his woman, and how the ludicrous idea of Simon Pegg getting into shape was the driving force of the comedy.

Well, the entire premise of that beloved film has been blown out of the order, because it turns out Simon Pegg CAN get in shape, and what’s more he’s taken it to an amazing extreme. A photo posted by Pegg’s personal trainer shows the once-slovenly comedian looking frighteningly shredded for his role in the new movie Inheritance.

Trainer Nick Lower revealed that “the brief for this role was lean, VERY lean”, and you can’t deny that’s what he’s got: when you combine Pegg’s newly flabless torso with his tattoos, you’ve got a guy who looks less like a revered British comedian and more like the last thing you see before getting shivved in the showers.

Pegg’s transformation should be an inspiration to all of us that anyone can get the body of their dreams: all they need is a personal trainer and the motivation of a role in a major motion picture. If you haven’t got those yet, take a good look at yourself, lazy.