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Stephen Curry Documentary Trailer Shows His Remarkable Rise to NBA Glory

It’s no secret that basketball is a game of size and athleticism. The game’s greats like Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal look like they’ve been built in a Nike laboratory specifically designed for sports domination. However, there’s occasionally an exception to the rule that comes every generation or so. And there’s perhaps no greater exception than Stephen Curry. The undersized point guard, who wasn’t given much hope in the big leagues, has gone on to reshape the NBA, shooting his way to four championships and two MVPs. And now fans get to witness his journey in Apple TV+’sdocumentary, Stephen Curry: Underrated which is set to hit the streaming service on July 21.

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Stephen curry underrated trailer Apple TV+
Image: Apple TV+

The upcoming documentary will detail “Curry’s rise from an undersized college player at a small town Division I college to a four-time NBA champion, building one of the most dominant sports dynasties in the world.” The trailer promises to tell the entire story from start to finish, boasting archival footage as a child as well as on-camera interviews with players, pundits and even family members.

The preview footage provided a glimpse into the Golden State Warriors’ remarkable “coming-of-age story.” It began by highlighting Stephen Curry’s early years as a college prospect, shedding light on how scouts and NBA teams initially doubted his ability to lead a team successfully. The clip then showcased the challenges he faced during his first years in the NBA, including battling severe injuries and enduring uncertainties regarding his future in the league.

Stephen Curry
Image: Getty

However, the narrative took a turn as it highlighted Curry’s unwavering determination and work ethic. Intense recovery sessions in the gym were depicted, demonstrating his commitment to bounce back after each injury. The preview footage culminated in a montage of Curry’s triumphs, overcoming adversity and doubt to achieving remarkable success on the basketball court.

The now veteran nine-time all-star seems ready to tell his story, his way. Directed by Peter Nicks of Proximity Media and produced by Erick Peyton through Curry’s Unanimous Media, we can’t wait to see his side of the story and bask in some glorious basketball content while we gear up for the 2024 season.

Stephen Curry: Underrated will premiere globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, 21 July.

Stephen curry underrated trailer Apple TV+
Image: Apple TV+

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