Stranger Things Season 2 Set to be a Thriller

The Duffer brothers’ hit Netflix show Stranger Things, which chronicles the mysterious events experienced by a plucky bunch of youngsters in the early 80s, set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

united stated department energy hawkins national laboratory

Taking place around Halloween, 1984, season 2 continues the heavy 80s pop-culture themes of the first season, as the kids continue to uncover the truth about what’s going on in their small town, and the real happening of the mysterious United Stated Department of Energy’s Hawkins National Laboratory.

three young men walking road

This trailer, which was released for Comic Con, sets the teasers for the upcoming season perfectly to Michael Jackson’s Thriller, one of the best selling singles of all time, and a song perfect for the combination of horror and 1980s esoterica that is Stranger Things. Stranger Things season 2 drops on October 27 on Netflix, just in time for a binge-watch for the Halloween weekend.

little girl afraid see something

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