Watch Coyote Peterson Get Stung by a Warrior Wasp

Okay, okay, it’s entertaining, adventurous stuff, albeit also a little bit loony. Breaking Trail features this bloke by the name of Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson who has set out to discover which insect has the worst sting. We should start by saying that Coyote does do sane things on the side.

He’s an animal lover and expert and his adventures with some exotic animals in their natural habitat is indeed not only sane but highly entertaining. This latest quest of his, though, to personally experience stings so that he can find out which is the worst, well, some people would say is somewhat asinine—after all, who in his right mind does that sort of thing?

It beggars the question: what’s wrong with Coyote Peterson?

First, he tries the harvester ant, then fire ants, then the Velvet ant (supposedly possessing one of the world’s longest stings in proportion to its body), then the Tarantula hawk, and, finally, the much-feared bullet ant.

For each episode, they filmed Coyote’s extreme pain and discomfort, in the tradition of gladiator games in Roman Times. Well, not exactly – in Roman times they were more civilised.

At least the gladiators were given weapons and allowed to defend themselves. How do you defend yourself against a bullet ant—other than by staying away from them?

Well, at least the bullet ant was supposed to be the end of this videotaped “train of pain,” but, then, the Warrior Wasp came into the picture–that’s right, Coyote had to find out about its sting!

Well, the good news is that Coyote survived even the sting of the Warrior Wasp—but, guess what, he’s now talking about getting stung by the Executioner Wasp. Very little is known about this insect or its sting, apart from the fact it’s guaranteed to be f*cking painful.

Coyote Peterson is either insane or he’s one of the bravest men alive – you be the judge.

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