An Epstein Documentary is Coming from the Surviving R. Kelly Team

A Lifetime documentary on convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein is in the works and is expected to air later this year. The four-hour series is titled Surviving Jeffrey Epstein and will delve into the life of the NY financier who was arrested for his alleged predatory behaviour towards young girls which lead to his death in custody back in 2019.

The Epstein documentary follows the success of Lifetime’s Surviving R.Kelly which aired in January 2019 and is now available for streaming on Netflix. Both docos fall into Lifetime’s Stop Violence Against Women initiative, which provides a media platform and resources for women.

Lifetime’s parent company A+E first dropped word of the upcoming documentary back in July 2019, one month prior to Epstein’s death. The statement from A+E described the doco as follows:

“Lifetime expands its footprint in the investigative doc space with development on Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, centering on the billionaire New York financier who is alleged to have used his connections to the rich and famous to shield his predatory behaviour with young girls. Accused of sex crimes with minors and trafficking, registered sex offender Epstein allegedly hid in plain sight while enablers protected him for over two decades, until his arrest by the FBI.”

Surviving Jeffrey Epstein is expected to air during the American summer (Australian winter).

Of course, Epstein continued to make headlines following his death due to alleged connections to Prince Andrew and the internet ran rampant with conspiracy theories surrounding his cause of death. With Lifetime’s focus on empowering women, it’s unlikely that the documentary series will cover this later bizarre turn of events.