Teleavia Retro TV Concept Recalls a Forward Looking Time

Teleavia’s Retro TV Concept was inspired by the 1960s—a time when people were entranced by the idea of the future. Furniture reflected this interest, and everything had a futuristic design to it. We were moving from traditional materials to the space-age, and everything was getting smaller. Teleavia used this mindset to come up with a TV concept that is all about portability.

teleavia modern technology

Teleavia was first released during the 1960s. This modern remake stays true to that heritage. The overall shape of the that first release, with its round corners and simple coloring, and applies modern technology to it. The dials, which took up part of the side of the original, have been replaced by a simple row of small icons at the base of the screen—plus a tiny remote control. Portability is achieved not only by size, but also the added leather handle. And you need not worry about hook-ups. The modern rendition isn’t a throwback to old connections; instead, it features HDMI, four USBs, PB, PR and YLR, and WPS audio in and out, RGB in. The TV was designed by Hogeun Jang.

design is conservative but eye catching

If your home has that retro-futuristic feel to it, then this TV would make a great addition. Even beyond that, the design is conservative but eye-catching, so it could be a great match for any interior, or even serve as the focal point of a room.

Check it out

caught with hand teleavia remote

teleavia tv leaser screen

back side of the teleavia tv

white colour of teleavia tv

to hold on top retro tv

teleavia retro tv front of flax

put on the retro tv beside top

cover of teleavia retro tv

different part of teleavia

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