Sweet Jesus, the Leaked First Full Clip from ‘The Batman’ is Intense

Much like its 007 counterpart, Matt Reeves’ long-awaited superhero flick The Batman has been tantalising us with trailers, teasers and new fan art seemingly every week. And yet despite the neverending cavalcade of information, we’re still at a loss as to what exactly Robert Pattinson’s turn as the iconic caped crusader will actually entail, and this week, curiosity took hold. YouTuber Mario Z has uncovered an almost three-minute clip of the new Batman film, which shows a first look at the young Bruce Wayne. Gritty, dark and extremely intense, the clip delivers on everything the filmmakers have been plugging.

The batman trailer 2

Image: Warner Bros.

The found clip, which has since been posted to YouTube, shows Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne attending a funeral in Gotham City, presumably that of a fallen law enforcement officer. Between murmurs of unrest and political scapegoating, Jeffrey Wright’s Detective Gordon can be heard discussing the disappearance of one of his associates, but the conversation doesn’t last long.

A screeching rises from the quiet and Wayne looks up to see a mysterious hooded figure standing on the balcony of the chapel staring down at him. Suddenly, a car bursts through the pews of the church, narrowing avoiding several casualties before crashing into the altar. The missing person then steps out of the vehicle with a bomb locked around his neck and a message to the Batman.

According to Mario Z, the YouTuber stumbled across the clip while browsing a few ads. In his description for the clip, he revealed just how he got his hands on the full scene.

“I was watching YouTube like normal until I got this random ad which at first I thought it was just a normal TV spot until I noticed it wasn’t a TV spot but a whole clip,” he explained. “After that, I got another ad that I obviously skipped. I’m very lucky to get this ad but now that people had noticed this I’m pretty hyped for this film.”

It certainly seems an improbable story, especially considering the clip is still up. For a film with interest as high as The Batman, you’d expect any sort of leak to be shut down fairly quickly, which does get the mind turning. Nevertheless, The Batman hits theatres on 4 March, 2022, but for those who can’t wait, you can watch the full clip above.

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