The Inbetweeners Reunite for Tenth Anniversary Special

Over three seasons and two movies, The Inbetweeners made us guffaw with its often-agonising depiction of the life of awkward, socially inept, frequently disgusting teenage boys. Priggish Will, vulgar fantasist Jay, nervous romantic Simon and happy idiot Neil engendered sympathy, empathy, revulsion, but most often raucous laughter throughout their constant doomed attempts to get laid, raise their social standing, and act like grown men. The TV show has a special place in many hearts, making the advent of the tenth-anniversary reunion special a great treat.

Unfortunately, the special involved the reunion of the four main cast members, not their fictional counterparts, offering be no updates on Will’s career, Simon’s love life or Jay’s haircut. But there was lots of behind-the-scenes gossip and hitherto-unseen footage to sink your teeth into, and seeing the lads all grown up is a curio of interest in itself. Particularly the impressive moustache being sported by James Buckley, which would’ve attracted a titanic level of mockery if it’d been seen on Jay back in the day.

Another Easter egg for the fans was the return of Simon’s terrible car, which met its tragic end in the last episode of the series. Ahead of the release of the special, Buckley shared on his Instagram page pics of the cast together again in the yellow Fiat Cinquecento – complete with the red door it acquired after an unfortunate incident at Thorpe Park.

Though some fans were disappointed with the reunion, which, like all British television shows, was hosted by Jimmy Carr, expressing their ire on social media due to the fact that it wasn’t actually a new episode, dyed-in-the-wool fans were still happy to see the hilarious quartet trade barbs and reveal some of the show’s best anecdotes from the years of production they enjoyed together.

With the adolescence of the Inbetweeners fading into the past as rapidly as our own, a reunion like this is a nice chance to relive the glory days.