The New Aquaman Trailer is Here to Get Everyone Wet

For some time now, the DC cinematic universe has been trying to shake off its unofficial slogan: “DC: Our best movie is almost as good as Marvel’s worst”. As Aquaman approaches theatres, what does its new trailer tell us about its chances of managing that?

Well, first of all, Aquaman does have one big gun on its side. Actually, it has two big guns: massive ones, hanging from the impossibly well-sculpted torso of Jason Momoa. The man is ridiculously attractive, and employing his hulking gorgeousness was a good move to avoid the general perception that the comic book version of Aquaman is kind of a loser. Clearly this is not an Aquaman who prances about in an orange pullover talking to fish: this guy kicks ass and takes names and swims like Michael Phelps.

Momoa is joined by Willem Dafoe as a slightly creepy mentor dude, which is great, and Dolph Lundgren as a baddie, which is a HUGE tick. Also, Nicole Kidman is Aquaman’s mum and she beats some guys up, which is weird, but yeah, let’s go with it.

The trailer is also bursting with colour, so the movie might be a bit more fun to look at than some of the drab DC efforts of the past. The underwater city of Atlantis is vibrant as hell. In fact, it’s quite reminiscent of the scenery in the Star Wars prequels, and everyone loved those, didn’t they? Unfortunately, it kind of looks like it might’ve been made at the same time as the Star Wars prequels: fingers crossed the CGI in the film itself is an improvement on the trailer, because we’re getting the impression this is a movie for people who love to watch videogame cut scenes.

Aquaman has always been one of the silliest superheroes, and the trailer suggests this movie will be pretty silly too. That could turn out brilliantly…or horribly. Can’t wait to find out.