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WATCH: The Rock Punches Planes & People in the New ‘Black Adam’ Trailer

Because the world doesn’t already have enough superhero movies or films starring The Rock’s Diet and Workout Plan, the team over at DC has decided to give us yet another of each in the form of Black Adam, hitting cinemas on October 20. Snarky jokes aside, the film’s new sneak peek trailer released at Comic-Con (watch above) does look kind of cool. This is due in large part to the eternally welcome presence of former James Bond favourite Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, a character who looks like the DC Universe’s answer to Marvel’s Doctor Strange (the not-so-subtle hint is in their names).

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Black adam 3

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures

While Johnson has been locked in to play Black Adam since at least 2014, it’s taken the purveyors of all things Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman this long to get his story up and running. And just what is that story you ask? Well, from what we can gather it’s very standard superhero stuff: Something tragic happened to him earlier in his life and now he uses his abilities to fight the forces of evil, all while trying to keep his own dark impulses at bay. So far, so Batman. Of course, ol’ pointy ears doesn’t share Adam’s ability to shoot lightning bolts from his hands or punch the wings off of fighter jets.

So, just who will Johnson’s character be going up against when the movie finally drops? Well, in the trailer we see him going up against the aforementioned Doctor Fate and Hawkman in a way that feels highly reminiscent of Superman fighting the Justice League. All of which begs the question, why is DC so obsessed with making its heroes fight one another? They know that’s what villains are for, right?

That aside, while Johnson is unquestionably committed to the role – he clearly hasn’t been slacking off at the gym – this one looks like it’ll be bereft of much of the humour he tends to bring to a franchise, replaced with a considerable amount of glowering. Hopefully, Brosnan and the rest of the cast can pick up the slack when Black Adam lands in cinemas from October 20. Be sure to check back and see if it joins the list of 23 Best Superhero Movies of All Time, Ranked.

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