Throw Me A Frickin’ Bone: Mike Myers Confirms Austin Powers 4 is in the Works

The trouble with movie stars is that once they find out people like what they’re doing, they think they have to keep doing it forever. Which brings us to the Austin Powers franchise, and the unutterably grim news that Mike Myers wants to make another one.

As if the world weren’t depressing enough.

The first movie about the cryogenic superspy was a work of bona fide genius: Mike Myers at the peak of his powers brought us a brilliantly-realised, ingeniously silly, endlessly quotable genre parody. Then we got the sequel, featuring a character called Fat Bastard who existed for no other reason than Myers’s lifelong love affair with his own fake Scottish accent. Then we got the other sequel, a tired retread that reminded us all why Beyonce is a singer and not an actress.

And now, Myers has decided to return to the shagadelic well. He told Access Hollywood that plans for a fourth instalment are progressing well, and told Entertainment Tonight that he wants the new film to “focus more on Dr Evil”. Which is great news for those of us who found that one of the problems with the first two sequels was the increasingly contrived Dr Evil schtick.

In the last three decades, Myers has shown us that he is a talented actor, a skilled writer and a sharp comedic mind. Unfortunately, it’s also shown that he is terribly prone to painful self-indulgence, and we’re very scared that Austin Powers 4 will mainly showcase that latter quality – as much as we might pray for a miracle.

Who’d have thought that the new Halloween would be only the second-scariest return of Michael Myers in 2018?