TJ Miller Takes Over Someone’s Tinder

The concept of this Vanity Fair digital series is pretty simple: writers or editors or lowly assistants at the publication who are single and have the dating app Tinder hand over their phones to a celebrity who is promoting something they are in for an upcoming issue. The celebrity, usually a funny one who can be consistently hilarious off the cuff, goes through their Tinder profile and sees who matches with them and then pretty much does whatever they want, making fun of the people who pop up, making fun of them and then interacting with all the other interactions that occur on their phone while the shoot is going on.

Eric Andre and Amy Schumer have done it with hilarious results but arguably the best one of these Taking Over Tinder episodes occurred with TJ Miller promoting his universally panned animated film The Emoji Movie. Thankfully, this digital episode was incredible and laugh-out loud funny as Miller makes fun of numerous possible suitors for the woman at Vanity Fair who had to turn over her phone to him, messes with her father who calls multiple times and pretty much maintains that high level of snarky hilarity he has become known for.

It’s worth watching, maybe even a few times, as are any future and past episodes of Taking over Tinder. Just don’t let anyone take over your own Tinder.

Check it out

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