TRAILER: Deadpool is Back this Christmas in Once Upon a Deadpool

Ever since the first Deadpool film bodyslammed its way into the comic-book movie landscape, the feeling has been growing stronger and stronger that this is Deadpool’s world and we’re all just living in it. We still have no evidence to contradict this belief now that we’ve viewed the trailer for Once Upon A Deadpool, which is apparently a family-friendly cut of Deadpool 2 to be released next month, just in time for the most PG-13 of all holidays.

OK, so…family-friendly? Deadpool? Surely a big part of the appeal of the franchise so far has been how extremely non-family-friendly it’s been. Graphic violence, occasional nudity, frequent profanity and a cavalcade of dirty jokes made Deadpool stand out from the rest of the Marvel crowd just as much as Ryan Reynolds’s rapidfire patter and fourth wall-breaking. So if they edit it down to make it OK for kids, just how much will be left? And will any of it be the good stuff?

Whatever comes of this experiment, the teaser is gold, with Deadpool kidnapping an adult Fred Savage to re-enact the framing device from The Princess Bride (all the more apt an homage following William Goldman’s passing) so as to play up the childlike innocence of the reshaped flick. The trailer suggests that even if Deadpool becomes family-friendly, he won’t become, you know, friendly.

And the upside of a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 is that Reynolds’s co-star Julian Dennison will actually be allowed to watch this one. It’ll be wasted on my kids, though – they’ve already seen the adult version. Kids have to learn about Deadpool sometime.