‘Training Day’ Prequel Could Be Coming Soon

A Training Day prequel could soon be in a theatre near you. Presumably it will bear a new and improved title. Something like ‘Planning Day’ or ‘Pre-Training Fitness-Benchmarking Day’ feels right, but who knows…

At this stage, the arrival of this prequel is fairly speculative. Reports began after a new script from writer Nick Yarborough appeared on Hollywood’s Black List – an annual listing of the best unmade screenplays. What we know is that the prequel is set in the early 1990’s – 10 years before the original – and follows the younger life of Alonzo Harris, who was the character played by Denzel Washington.

Casting is yet to be announced but there’re rumours that Washington’s son John David Washington could step up and into the role. Tough act to follow, considering Daddy Denzel won an Oscar for his performance.