Want to Cancel Foxtel after Game Of Thrones but Still Want Sports?

In a completely unsurprising turn of events, Australians are googling “Cancel Foxtel” at a very high rate, following the finale of hit HBO show Game of Thrones.

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The show, which covers the zany hijinks of a plucky bunch of incestuous marauders as they rape and murder each other in the name of sitting on a chair made of knives, has been a boon for the streaming service, which normally only attracts the likes of sports fans and people who haven’t heard of Netflix. Now, just as Drogon did after melting the shit out of the Iron Throne, customers are flying the hell away.

The spike, as noted here by Google Trends, happened in the hours after the final episode went live at 11am on Monday, Australian Eastern Standard Time, and is probably causing more than just a stir at Foxtel HQ, given how much the platform relied on Game of Thrones to attract viewers.

Further to this is the fact that Kayo Sports launched recently; a streaming service which offers over 50 sports on demand for a set price: similar to Foxtel, but tailored to sports fans who want to stream their favourite matches in HD whenever and wherever, without having to pay for multiple platforms.

For anybody thinking about giving Foxtel the flick in the wake of the GOT finale, but who is also keen to maintain access to their favourite games, head over to the Kayo site for a 14-day free trial, and stop doing to your wallet what Daenerys did to Kings Landing.

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