WATCH: Jordan Peele’s “Us” Trailer Has Finally Landed

Jordan Peele was famous as an actor and comedian before he became even more famous as the Oscar-winning writer-director of Get Out. That landmark horror film, which chilled the blood while forcing its audience to confront difficult truths about race in America, elevated Peele to the upper echelons of modern auteurs.

And we now have a glimpse of his next flick, a complete change of direction which features no knuckle-whitening terror or disturbing racial allegory.

Just kidding! Peele’s new film Us – trailer here – looks like a thoroughly terrifying modern nightmare, and while all its nuances are unlikely to be conveyed in one trailer, there looks to be some pretty clear social commentary going on too.

Us is about a pleasant African-American family who are enjoying a seaside vacation when they encounter an unbelievably creepy gang of home invaders who are all the more unsettling for the fact they seem to be…”us”.

By which I mean them.

By which I mean, the creepy people are actually identical copies of the pleasant family, except they have scary faces and one of them is a burns victim and scuttles around like a giant insect.

“The enemy is us” is a common trope in fiction, and this film seems to make it both explicit and extremely frightening – check out the horrific smile on the face of the little girl, and the worrying frequency with which scissors appear in the trailer.

Jordan Peele Us Poster two black head silhouette

Also, there’s a corridor full of rabbits, and even if it’s hard to explain why, that ain’t right.

Jordan Peele seems intent on spending the rest of his life freaking us out. We’re here for it.

Check it out