Watch the Full Trailer For James Bond ‘No Time to Die’

The trailer for the 25th  film in the James Bond franchise, No Time To Die, is finally here. In the lead up to the release of what’s destined to be the most hotly anticipated film of 2020, fans have been teased like a virgin in a strip club. We’ve previewed Bond’s Omega Seasmaster watch, we’ve viewed the posters, we caught some behind the scenes glimpses on location in Jamaica, we’ve heard the sexual intimacy rumours from the set, we’ve read the predictions.

But now, finally, we get a proper look at how all the elements of the film are coming together and if the trailer is a true representation of the film, No Time To Die is poised to deliver.

In Daniel Craig’s final film as MI6 agent 007, his character is retired from active service. Coaxed from his life of leisure in Jamaica to join a mission to help out an old friend from the CIA, they embark on a mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist. The action-packed trailer gives our first glimpse at Oscar winner Rami Malek playing the role of the villain, and features Lashana Lynch, who many predict to be the next actor and the first woman to play the role of 007  after Craig, and one of the most bass-ass 007 quotes of all time – “history isn’t kind to men who play god”.

As fun and action-packed as the trailer looks, all will be revealed when the film is released on 2 April 2020.