Scorsese, De Niro & Pacino in Netflix ‘The Irishman’ Trailer

When it comes to movie announcements, they don’t get much bigger than The Irishman. In a world of rehashes, reboots and lazy sequels, too, the news of a Scorsese original, which features some of the biggest names in Hollywood, is a welcome breath of fresh cinematic air.

Covering the trials and tribulations of Jimmy Hoffa, one of the most famously powerful men in the US at one time, the flick looks to be a classic gangster tale of cloak-and-dagger deals and underhanded skullduggery. Hoffa was the head of the enormous Teamsters transport union, which gave the character huge political clout; one word and he could have the nation on its knees. In 1975, however, poor Jimmy disappeared without a trace. This mystery is explored in depth by Scorsese in The Irishman.

Starring Robert De Niro as the union official and hitman who recalls how Hoffa’s death went down, with supporting roles filled by Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, Anna Paquin, Bobby Cannavale, Jesse Plemons, and Ray Romano (who doesn’t love that guy?!), this looks like a seriously intriguing movie with a strong narrative backbone, huge talent at its core and one of the most notoriously consistent names in Hollywood at its helm.

And, though the story has been explored before in 1992’s Hoffa, with Jack Nicholson in the lead role, this is a Martin Scorsese film, and instantly earns itself credit on the basis that we know it’ll be original and badass.

Also interesting to note is that The Irishman is yet another Netflix Original that looks like it could be a hot-ticket come Oscars time, further solidifying the streaming giant as a serious player in Tinseltown.