Watch the Trailer for Top Gun: Maverick

In a world of seemingly endless reboots, live-action versions of our favourite cartoons and the same cycle of Marvel/DC characters on repeat ad nauseam, it’s great to see the Hollywood hit-machine spit out something as original as a … sequel?

Look, it’s an original script okay so we’ll take it.

Taking off from where it last landed, Top Gun: Maverick sees our hero Maverick, played by an ageing Tom Cruise, still at the joystick after 30-odd years of service. Despite his obvious skill and experience, Mav’s found himself in a career rut and, having never made it past Captain, has landed the fun task of training the new recruits.

One of these new recruits is Bradley Bradshaw (played by War Dogs‘s Miles Teller), who happens to be the son of Goose, Maverick’s ex-sparring partner and best friend from the original Top Gun. Bradley wants to be a pilot, just like his dad, which is weird. For Bradley’s sake, we hope he’s a lot better a pilot than his dad, who proved himself to really not be a very good pilot.

If that doesn’t make sense just … maybe watch the first film. Also, while we’re at it: ‘Bradley Bradshaw’? Come on. Turns out that Goose was about has good at naming sons as he was at piloting.

The film, which is slated for a 2020 release (June 26 to be precise), also stars Val Kilmer in his original role as Lieutenant  Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazansky, Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Jon Hamm, and Ed Harris.

The reprisal of multiple roles from the first, as well as a linear storyline, suggests that Paramount Pictures with director Joseph Kosinski is trying hard to ride the coattails of the original film, but Tom Cruise reportedly gave Kosinsky permission to ride his tail, any time (I am genuinely sorry, I had to).

While Hollywood may have proved itself to be a boring, uninspired mire of unoriginality and sappy re-hashes of late, the 1986 Top Gun was a truly iconic film, one that charmed audiences and introduced the world to the ‘action man’ version of Tom Cruise; a persona which has defined his entire career since.

And, though many may be irked by the notion that it’s being dredged up and resuscitated for obvious financial gain, a sequel is a far better prospect than a remake, and the fact that Tom Cruise is reprising his role as the beloved, shirtless, completely unnecessarily oiled-up Maverick should be a huge plus for cinemagoers.

Hey, at least it’s not another fucking Spider Man.