Watch the True Detective Season 3 Trailer

True Detective, the show that redefined detective dramas. And then, in season 2, redefined how disappointed people could be by a show’s second season. Well, it’s coming back for another swing, and the trailer for Season 3 has just arrived to give us a tantalising taste of what’s to come. Will it be a Harrelson-McConaughey-style masterpiece, or a Vaughn-Farrell squib?

Well, let’s see: the third instalment will be centred around a troubled detective (oh, that’s why it’s called that!) played by Mahershala Ali. This can only be good news, as Ali is one of the most watchable stars going around, and anyone who’s seen his Oscar-winning turn in Moonlight, or his scene-stealing in Luke Cage or House of Cards, knows the brilliant intensity he can bring to a role.

True Detective S3, going on what we see in the trailer, follows the investigation into the disappearance and possible murder of two young children out in backwoods America. But there’s also some time-skipping going on: we see Ali as a driven young detective, and also a regret-ridden old man reflecting on the case, and – it is hinted – on the tragic consequences that radiated outward from the crime itself. There also seems to be some turmoil regarding a journalist covering the case, and a little hint of the odd sexytime between Ali and his lady. So: sex, violence, devastating emotional turbulence? All present and correct. Hopefully the series is as harrowing as the trailer makes it look.