Watch the Westworld Season 3 Trailer Starring Aaron Paul

Is he a robot?

During the polarising Game of Thrones finale, HBO dropped the first teaser trailer for the third season of its sci-fi drama Westworld. The new season looks to be a significant departure from what came before, leaving the confines of the adults-only theme park for the futuristic outside world. Following the events of last season, things were never going to be the same.

The teaser features Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul as an unspecified blue collar criminal type searching for meaning in a world of future tech and robots. Right at the end, he’s seen offering help to an injured woman, right before the camera focuses on her face revealing it to be none other than Westworld hero/possible villain Delores who’s played by Evan Rachel Wood.

None of the other staple cast members are seen at all. Fans did point out that rapper Kid Cudi plays the prison inmate behind the glass. HBO has also announced that the new season will add Vincent Cassel, Lena Waithe, Scott Mescudi and Marshawn Lynch to the ensemble.

That’s about all the season 3 info we know at this stage. During season two, it was revealed that the Delos corporation has six theme parks total. So far, we’ve only seen three – Westworld, Shogun World and The Raj. With three to be unveiled, it’s likely the series will return to its roots at some point.

Maybe the only disappointing part of the teaser is the release date. No concrete plans as such, but the new season won’t air until sometime in 2020. That’s going to be quite the wait. In the meantime, HBO’s upcoming Watchmen reboot/sequel/spin-off/whatever from The Leftovers creator is looking pretty darn good.

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