Boaz One Modular Guitar Gives You Options

Ask any guitar player and they’ll tell you that each guitar has its own soul and sound. The Boaz One breaks that mould by providing a modular approach that gives you a different sound, without having to break the bank picking up a different guitar for each style you want to play.

The Boaz One features interchangeable pickups and bridges that you can swap out for different sounds. The body can also be changed up to match the style of play that you want to use. The body comes with the options of a wing-body for a sleek and minimalist design, or a full body with retractable legs that serve as a built-in stand.

As for the sound, you can choose from the one single-coil cassette, the three single-coil cassette, or the humbucker cassette. The bridge also comes as either a customisable tuning bridge that allows you to adjust the actions and intonations, or a fixed bridge that comes pre-tuned to standard specifications. All these options give you up to 50 different combinations, each with its own look, feel, and sound.

Boaz one guitar

Rather than relying on wood for the body, which is susceptible to dents and cracks and can be influenced by the climate, the Boaz One is made from a reinforced plastic, which is resistant to bumps and scratches, heat, humidity, moisture, and cold. To keep that classic feel of a high-quality guitar, extra weight was added into the neck.

The guitar was designed by world-renowned Israeli-American luthier, Boaz Elkayam. Boaz worked with Dr. Michael Kasha at Florida State University as well as another luthier, Richard Schneider, to put the modular guitar together. Over the past 25 years, Boaz has been working on the modular guitar as a side project while he worked putting together guitars for some of the biggest names out there.

There’s no official word on pricing as of yet, but you can subscribe to Boaz’s newsletter and receive 40 per cent off the price when the guitar comes to market.

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