Express Your Music with the Rythmo Beatbox

If you’re not a producer, or just not one yet, looking at the expansive rows and columns of buttons, dials, and switches of a work station can be both confusing and intimidating. And then you take a look at the price tag and start wondering how you’ll be able to get the start that you are wishing for. Rhythmo recognizes these challenges and has created the Beatbox to be a cost-effective solution.

Rythmo Beat Box buttons and dials

Beatbox looks like a cardboard box with buttons and a pair of speakers because that’s essentially what it is. It’s a cardboard midi-controller kit that, in conjunction with the app, is the ultimate beginner’s set. But don’t be fooled. This all-in-one solution doesn’t compromise on what you need to start making music. Beatbox has an on-board amplifier, speaker and battery assemblies, and sound-packs and tutorials.

Rythmo Beat Box switch

The real genius of Beatbox is that you set it up. Assembly takes less than an hour, and is a great tutorial for kids, students, or employees, teaching them valuable STEM principles. No soldering is required; all the connections are snap or screw-on. The assembly process also allows you to customize the buttons, knobs, and design to meet your needs. The app actually takes care of sampling the music, letting you upload your music as you play it. In just a few minutes you can have a workstation up and running, allowing you to mix up the music you’ve been hearing in your head.

Rythmo Beat Box looks like a cardboard box

The Beatbox was actually a part of a graduate project for Rythmo founder Ethan Jin. Rythmo continues to improve Beatbox and is fully functional with nearly all docks on the market. With the battery pack, you can share your music wherever you are. If you’re looking for a way to get into producing your own music and then sharing it, the Rythmo Beatbox is your entry point.

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