Expressive E Touche Synth Controller Broadens Your Musical Range

The Expressive E Touche Synth Controller allows you to more fully express the music inside of you by modifying the sounds created by your synthesizer. You can plug into Touche by CV or MIDI ports, and, using Lie (the companion software for Touche), you can save up to 24 different MIDI/CV configurations to Touche.

Touche works by reading the pressure you apply to its wooden skin. Touche is extremely sensitive and can pick up the slightest vibration. Depending on where you place your hand and how you apply pressure or movement, Touche modifies the sound of your synthesizer, adding effects, beats, and additional sounds. You can change the sound entirely by pressing your hand or sliding your hand across Touche. Or, try soft or hard gestures to influence the sound’s intensity. You can also use percussive or progressive gestures that will change the rhythm of the sound.

e touche synth controller broadens front

Lie makes picking up Touche easy by providing plenty of presets, filters, tags, and customizing options. You can watch as you play Touche, seeing how much pressure you’re applying, which will help you recognize what is going on with the music you’re making.

Touche is a simple, quick way to make your music even more original to you by offering a wider range of options and sounds. And because it’s simple, you can start using it right away.

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