Fender Celebrates 60 Years of The Jazzmaster with Limited Edition Models

When Fender Guitars unveiled the Jazzmaster in 1958, they hardly knew the impact it would have on the world at the time (hint: it’s is seldom the guitar of choice for Jazz musicians.)

While jazz pickers didn’t stray from their favoured arch-top designs, the humble Jazzmaster quickly became the guitar-of-choice for surf-rock bands in the early ’60s, and went on to become the preferred axe of J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Elvis Costello, Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Jim Root (Slipknot), and James Tidswell (Violent Soho). It’s bright, vibrant tone is loved my many more, who prefer it for its unique shape, clarity, and versatility.

fender jazzmaster guitars sound hole

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of its initial release, Fender has come through with three new additions to the range. Available now is the Limited Edition 60th Anniversary ’58 Jazzmaster, a close replica of Leo Fender’s original prototype (in authentic two-tone sunburst), which comes with a commemorative embroidered case, and is about as close to an actual 1958 example as you’ll find for the price (AU$3,999).

Available in September is the Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Triple Jazzmaster (AU$3,299), which features a more modern three-pickup configuration (a common mod made by Jazzmaster players), and is offered in Daphne Blue, one of Fender’s most underrated (and rare) colours. September also sees the release of a Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Classic Jazzmaster (AU$2,099), a more accessible model of Jazzmaster that still sees original details have been applied. This model will be available in Daphne Blue, Black, Vintage Blonde, and Fiesta Red.

Check it out

fender jazzmaster guitars music room

fender jazzmaster guitars rosette

fender jazzmaster guitars front

fender jazzmaster guitars volume and tone control

fender jazzmaster guitars fret

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