Fender Classics: American Original Guitars

Unafraid of breaking the mold, Fender has always been in pursuit of providing something new, something better. The American Original Series exemplifies that mindset and has been brought back with a collection of “best-of-the-decade,” axes, reviving the most iconic instruments and allowing them to be even more playable by the musicians of today.

fender guitar body

Not only is the styling period-accurate, but the voiced pickups, and neck profiles are designed to sound and look like the guitars of all. Comfortable and finely tuned, these instruments are sculpted and modeled for any playing style.

fender guitar all parts

Maybe the most impressive part of this collection is its breadth. From the American Original ‘50s Telecaster, to the American Original Jazzmaster and Jaguar, and so much more, Fender is bringing back all of musicians’ favorites from years past.

fender guitar volume

A timeless pastime, Fender is continuing to extend the immense cool-factor surrounding playing guitar with this collection. Whether you’re a fan of the traditional telecaster or more specialized models, this is an initiative that will impress.

Check it out

fender guitar head stock and capstan

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