LUMI Will Turn You into a Musician the Smart Way

Being able to play the piano is on a lot of bucket lists. The challenge, however, is the traditional way of learning to play the piano. It takes years to wade your way through all the lessons. Roli, the London-based music technology company that has been revolutionising how music is played, took note of this challenge and came up with an illuminated keyboard called LUMI. The keyboard can help you learn to play music in a smart way.

hand playing lumi in front of laptop

Rather than sitting down to an intimidating piano and listening to a teacher wax rhapsodic about technique, positions, and music theory, LUMI gets you playing right away. With LUMI, you’ll be playing music in just minutes. Here’s how it works. The fully illuminated keyboard pairs with an interactive app to connect everything with light and colour. All you have to do is follow the colours in the app and play the keys that are illuminated on the keyboard.

Pick a favourite song from the list and you’re off. You can watch the song play on the keyboard, and then, when you’re ready, start playing on the keyboard at your own pace.

woman playing lumi

LUMI also has a jam mode, where LUMI lights up the keys that will always sound good with the chosen song. As you learn, Lumi helps you start creating your own music. You can even learn to read sheet music using LUMI so that you can advance to a keyboard later on. LUMI offers fast, fun and interactive lessons to help you learn even more. Plus LUMI is portable so you can play anywhere rather than just wherever you can find a piano. Even though it uses digital means to teach, you’ll still get the feel of a real piano from LUMI’s keys.

The keys are custom fit for the average human hand and they also have 92 per cent of the plunge distance of a grand piano key. That real feel will help you transfer your skills to “real world” instruments. Plus, you can snap two keyboards together to instantly expand your keyboard.

Roli is almost to its final stretch goal on Kickstarter, so if you want to help them make LUMI all it can be, jump in and order your keyboard soon.

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