Missed Out on Splendour Tickets? Go to Bali’s Gypsy Lands Instead

There’s an entire generation of Australian youths who know Kai Suteja’s work only through their phone screens. The Balinese funster has amassed a not-insignificant following under the social media handle Urmumsyadad, with his short-format videos and unique fashion sense. The self-styled vegan/über hipster has been hard at work, chipping away at a new project however, and it’s a lot more effort than a few short, viral film snippets.

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Gypsy Lands, a new music festival set to light up Seminyak on the 21st of July, is the brainchild of Suteja, who wanted to reinvigorate his local area (he was born and raised in Bali, and has officially returned to live there). His concept will comprise two parts: “Wonderlands” and “Bad Lands”.

Given that this is, in essence, a one-day doof popped-up two blocks back from one of Bali’s most popular tourist beaches, it sounds like it might be a lot of fun. The Wonderlands part of the affair is “for all of you off with the fairies. It’s a colorful haven for enlightended [sic] pixies. It’s an escape to paradise in a world of fear. The WONDERLANDS is aesthetically iconic to Australian bush doofs Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields and Subsonic”.

The Bad Lands promises to be a post-apocalyptic setting “…for all you sinners. It’s a post world landscape reminscent [sic] of Mad Max, a tribute to anarchy. The sounds of dark techno fill the air all things evil are allowed”.

So basically, if you’ve ever been to any bush doof ever, you’ll have a fair understanding of what to expect.

Musical acts are a mish-mash of local and international artists, including DJ Andy Garvey, MUSKA, Jimmy Galvin, MIIIA, DJ Harry Ho, Robbie Lowe and Marsellus, just to name a few from the eclectic line up. There’ll also be a sweet half-pipe, and myriad other standard doof fodder (fire breathers, tarot reading, tantric yoga, tattoo and piercing stalls, kombucha cocktails, a wedding chapel, a maze, and cage fighting, amongst other attractions.)

But best of all? A ticket is $30 (or $40 if you purchase at the door, though these aren’t slated to last very long). Splendour in the Grass, Byron Bay’s annual three-day frothfest is over $450. Over $200 if you just want to get in for one day. And it’s sold out.

While time will tell what the inaugural Gypsy Lands will have in store, it sounds like a new beachside festival might be the perfect excuse to escape the Australian festival season, without missing out on a decent bit o’ doof.

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