Smash Proof Guitar Might Frustrate Rock Stars

It’s an iconic image—a rock star swinging his guitar over his head and down, to smash it to pieces while the crowd roars its approval. While the fans cheer, guitar makers shudder. Sandvik has come up with a cure for this antic, creating a smash proof guitar.

The guitar is made with cutting edge technologies that use metal for the body. Now steel certainly is able to resist the damage of being smashed during a show. But the drawback is the weight of the metal. The process involved taking a drawing and then “printing” the guitar using additive manufacturing.

he team uses titanium for the build because it is a lighter material. The neck, however, is completely stainless steel that has been milled down into a lattice framework to reduce the weight.

Once the guitar was completed, the team brought in Swedish-born guitar virtuoso Yngwie Malmsteen, who has a history of smashing guitars. Malmsteen has been smashing guitars since he was seven years old. Malmsteen took the guitar through the works—smashing speakers and even a part of the stage before launching it into the air, all to no avail.

guitar string

Malmsteen said, “I gave it everything I had, 200 per cent. You can’t smash it, but you can smash things with it.” But the guitar survived. Perhaps now the guitar will get to fulfil the designer’s wish that it will be on display in a museum instead of being smashed on a stage.

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