SoundCloud Links Up with Instagram

Do you remember when you could only share images on Instagram? The biggest frustration was with music—you couldn’t actually share the song, only a screenshot. Those were dark times. Fortunately, that’s no longer the case. At F8, Instagram announced that users can now post soundtracks to their Stories. The functionality comes via third-party apps such as Spotify and GoPro. Now SoundCloud has joined the party.

The new track sharing feature works by adding a sticker to your Story. Those who want to hear the track then click on the “Play on SoundCloud” link. A SoundCloud app then opens and you’re able to listen to the music. Admittedly, it doesn’t actually add a soundtrack to your Story, but at least you’ll be able to hear the song.

Sharing the song on your Instagram Story is just as easy as listening to one. Just find the track that you want to share then tap the share icon in the SoundCloud app. You can then chose from either the “Share to Instagram Stories” or the Instagram icon. Either way, the app will add the sticker to your Instagram Story. Finally, position the sticker where you like it and you’re done.

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